Herricks ed board discusses possibility of girls flag football team

Herricks ed board discusses possibility of girls flag football team

By Jessica Taylor

The Herricks Board of Education discussed the possibility of a girls flag football team at a board meeting on Thursday night.

Superintendent Tony Sinanis said director of athletics Jim Petricca told him that there was interest in starting a girls flag football team”.

A survey was then sent out to students and the feedback they received showed a “significant amount of interest” for this new sport to be potentially added to the 2022-23 school year.

Although Sinanis said he likes the idea, he noted “there is an existing process in the
district that precedes me.”

Any new ideas for teams or clubs are discussed a year prior during the budget process, so the budget allocations can be made

“In this case, the process was not followed,” Sinanis said.

“Based on the existing process, it would be a conversation for the next school year,” he said. “Now would be appropriate at this time because we are about to enter the budget discussions with our leadership team and plan for the creation
and addition of girls flag football team”.

A rough estimate of what it would cost to add this new team was placed at

Sinanis said if the New York Jets contribute uniforms, balls and flags the cost would come down to about $11,000.

Assistant Superintendent of Business Lisa Rutkoske said she was concerned abou rising inflation and how that would contribute to the cost of buses and
transportation for the addition of new teams.

Trustee Nancy Feinstein added that “everything feels very rushed.”

She said that before they can start the process of adding another team, the board should focus on existing teams and clubs that are in need of new equipment, more facilities and updating their facilities.

Board President Jim Gounaris said he would like to see “the survey that was
sent out and the results of it” to further assess the interest in having a girls flag
football team.

He concluded that there are still many questions to be asked and no
final decision will be made at this time.

Gounairs said that they will continue the discussion at the next board meeting on
Nov. 17.

Sinanis said he will invite Petricca to the next meeting
to further discuss the potential addition of a girls flag football team

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