Manhasset school district shuts down network due to service disruption

Manhasset school district shuts down network due to service disruption
Manhasset School District's Acting Superintendent Gaurav Passi said the district's network is shut down until further notice due to a service disruption on Tuesday. (Photo by Samuele Petruccelli)

The Manhasset school district’s email system and online instructional technology were disrupted on Tuesday, acting Superintendent Gaurav Passi said in an email to the district.

Passi said the service disruption affected the availability of certain systems throughout the district’s network, including email.

An investigation was launched after officials were notified and IT professionals began to work on seeing which systems in the network were specifically impacted, he said.

The district, out of caution, shut down its entire network while the investigation continued, he said. District officials did not provide a time frame on how long the interruption of email services would last.

Passi did say that while in-person instruction would begin as planned, the district would reach out to families that have children currently under quarantine or isolation due to the coronavirus.

“We appreciate your continued patience and support as we work to restore connectivity and bring our systems back online,” Passi said in the email. “We will share further information as appropriate.”

The district’s K-1 in-person open houses scheduled for Tuesday night were to continue, but its middle school building tour and virtual open house was rescheduled for Sept. 28.

Samuele Petruccelli contributed reporting

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