Manhasset schools get $25K from D’Urso

Manhasset schools get $25K from D’Urso
Dr. Vincent Butera kicked off his first Manhasset board of education meeting with a $25,000 donation from New York Assemblyman Anthony D'Urso. (Photo by Amelia Camurati)

Manhasset school district superintendent Vincent Butera, who was sworn in on his first day July 10, announced a surprise block of money granted to the district by state Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso.

Butera said he received a brief letter from D’Urso on Thursday informing him of an additional $25,000 for the district in the 2017-18 state budget.

In the letter, D’Urso said he was able to attain additional funding for the district and did not specify how the money must be used.

“This year, we got much higher foundation aid funding, and this was the only extra funding we could get,” D’Urso said in the letter.

The funds will be added to Manhasset’s $93.8 million budget approved in April, Butera said, and he will work with the staff and former superintendent Charles Cardillo to decide how to best use the additional $25,000.

Butera also spoke about how grateful he was to finally be on the job after conversing with district officials since late last year.

“There are so many wonderful things that are happening here in this district as a result of people who work here, people who live here, the collective efforts of so many,” Butera said. “My job is to listen and learn about what makes this place so special, and I’m starting to get a good sense of that, and to build on that.”

Manhasset board of education trustee Pat Aitken was sworn in for her fifth three-year term Thursday. (Photo by Amelia Camurati)

During the board’s reorganization meeting Thursday, trustee Patricia Aitken was sworn in for her fifth three-year term on the board, and fellow trustee Carlo Prinzo jumped up to capture the moment, saying he had no memory of another trustee earning five terms in his lifetime.

Board President Regina Rule was reinstated to her position during the reorganizational and business meetings of the Manhasset board of education as well as Vice President Ann Marie Curd in absentia.

“I feel that Regina is a key member of our little group and has executed her duties in the past fabulously,” Prinzo said while nominating Rule. “I don’t know of anyone in this community who spends as much time talking to as many people as Regina does, and I think that’s a key element for the board president.”

District clerk Christine Michelen, treasurer Brian Lonegan and assistant treasurer Rosemary Johnson were re-appointed to their positions as well.

The board’s next meeting is 9 a.m. July 27 in the district’s administration building followed by a board workshop.

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