Manhasset’s Dr. Soletic offers innovative microneedling procedure

Manhasset’s Dr. Soletic offers innovative microneedling procedure
Dr. Raymond Seletic demonstrates radiofrequency microneedling on staffer Valerie Baumann. (Photo by Amelia Camurati)

A Manhasset doctor is offering a new non-invasive treatment to naturally generate collagen without bleeding or risk of scarring.

Dr. Raymond Soletic of Douglaston has worked in Manhasset since 1989, practicing general ear, nose and throat care as well as facial cosmetic care.

He received his doctorate from New York University in 1983 and trained at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital before returning to his lifelong home Long Island.

Soletic said he focuses on botox and radiofrequency treatments of the skin. One skin-tightening procedure, Tripolar, can be used on any part of the body, and his newer treatment, radiofrequency microneedling, is used to treat the face, neck and the backs of hands.

“It is the application of energy to the skin with these tiny microneedles, but they don’t pierce the skin,” Soletic said. “There’s no bleeding. They generate your own collagen, which acts as a natural filler, and it creates a plumping effect and a smoothing effect to the skin.”

Soletic said many of his patients ask which treatments are safe for the skin, like the celebrity-endorsed “vampire facial,” which pierces the skin many times and causes minor bleeding.

“There are variants of microneedling, like vampire microneedling, where you pierce the skin and you get bleeding, which is barbaric,” Soletic said. “Any time you pierce the skin, especially with multiple piercings, you risk infection and scarring. With this, you’re not breaking the skin. It’s a much more modern, sophisticated microneedling procedure that is wonderfully safe.”

Soletic said the radiofrequency microneedling requires five treatments over nine weeks, and each treatment takes about 15 minutes. After the nine weeks, Soletic said results last the better part of a year, and many patients have come back for a touch-up appointment after about six months.

“You can treat any skin type, any gender, and you can be treated from 18 to 85, so it has a very large window,” Soletic said. “These treatments don’t require any other post-treatment care with the exception of sunscreen and a simple moisturizer.”

Soletic’s office, Manhasset Otolaryngology and Facial Skin Rejuvenation Center, is located at 1615 Northern Blvd. in Manhasset.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 516-365-7952.

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