Pair of coyotes spotted in Roslyn: SPCA

Pair of coyotes spotted in Roslyn: SPCA
Coyote sightings in Roslyn were confirmed by the Nassau County Society for Prevention of Animal Cruelty. (Photo courtesy of Nassau SPCA)

Coyote sightings in the Roslyn area were confirmed by the Nassau County Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on Tuesday.

The society put out an advisory with safety tips based on recent sightings in the area.

“There is no need for alarm or panic, but to minimize conflicts, it is important that people do their part to maintain the natural fear that coyotes have of humans,” the advisory states.

There are two coyotes, likely a male and female based on size, that have been spotted near Green Drive and Reed Drive in the Searingtown area, society spokesman Gary Rogers said.

The sightings have been ongoing for about three of four weeks, Rogers said.

The society first heard about the animals from resident calls; photographs were taken to verify the sightings, Rogers said.

Coyote sightings are common across the Northeast, and the coyotes likely migrated eastbound from Manhattan into Queens, and Queens into Nassau, Rogers said.

“Every time you have new cubs, when babies are born, they’re going to spread out and find their own territories and own mates,” Rogers said.

If residents see a coyote, it is important to remember not to run away because that can trigger a prey response, Rogers said.

Residents should also keep dogs on shorter leashes during walks, and keep house cats indoors, Rogers said.

Other tips the society issued include feeding pets indoors, making garbage inaccessible to wildlife and removing brush and all grass from around houses.

“We just want people again to avoid any kind of conflict with them,” Rogers said. “It’s best to stay away from them, and follow the guidelines.”

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