Plandome Manor adopts $1.29M budget with $200K for road repair

Plandome Manor adopts $1.29M budget with $200K for road repair

The Plandome Manor Board of Trustees on Tuesday unanimously adopted a $1.29 million 2017-18 budget that keeps taxes flat and spends $200,000 worth of state grants on road repair.

“The key is that taxes are not going to go up,” Trustee Matthew Clinton said. “The village continues to stay in good fiscal health.”

“We make sure to offer the services our residents expect and we do a good job doing it,” Mayor Barbara Donno added.

The village will raise over half of its revenue from nontax sources, including building safety inspection fees ($110,000), state grants ($200,000) and an appropriation from the general fund surplus ($264,000), a village document said.

“We continue to have an active building environment for the village which contributes to our building fees,” Clinton said.

The state grants will fund a road improvement project at the triangle intersection where Stonytown Road meets Plandome Road as well as one at the intersection of North Plandome Road and Luquer Road.

The largest expenses to be incurred by the village over the 2017-18 fiscal year are the road repair projects ($200,000), a garbage and refuse removal contract ($148,700), rent at village buildings ($50,400) and a snow removal contract ($50,000).

“There are no pending liabilities or legal issues,” Clinton said.

“The board is pleased with the budget outcome and has had positive feedback from the village so far,” Clinton said.

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