Totus Pet Food subscription service launches out of Manhasset

Totus Pet Food subscription service launches out of Manhasset
Totus Pet Food co-founders Michael Gray and Rob Collorafi are working to revolutionize pet food subscription services by delivering healthier options than standard kibble locally. (Courtesy Totus Pet Food)

“No way am I going to make my hobby into a business about which I know very little,” Michael Gray told his friend Rob Collorafi after discussing possibly going into together on a pet food subscription service. But after a very convincing conversation, Gray conceded and the duo formed Totus Pet Food with the idea of transforming the concept of how and what dogs eat.

Gray had been dabbling in making his own pet food for years when, at the same time, Collorafi had been studying nutrition for decades while pondering why his furry friends had to eat “such terrible food.” After discovering they both had been making strides toward creating a fresh dog food individually, the two decided it was a natural fit to partner and form a subscription service.

“We wanted to fundamentally reimagine the food we give our dogs,” said Collorafi. “Instead of the harmful effects of inflammation due to high temperature cooking methods, we set about to design a gently cooked food using only the best ingredients that would help our dogs lead healthier, longer lives.”

They duo spent two years working together figuring out the business and gathering ingredients. After they had all of the healthy ingredients worked out and tested on their dogs and extended families’ dogs, they sought the knowledge of a professional pet food consultant to get all the science correct. They reached out to Dr. Nathan Fastinger, who signed on and helped complete the product, which was then ready for the market.

Gray, who had been making his own pet food for years and had followers with whom he would share his recipe, said Manhasset has been leading the way pets are viewed at home.

“I lived here in Manhasset for 25 years and raised my children here,” Gray said, “The people of this town are leading the nation in treating their beloved pets as part of the family. With that we are seeing a huge demand from owners who love their dogs and want to provide them with healthy fresh food options that will overall lead to an all-around happier and healthier pet.”

The subscription plan promises to cater to dogs’ individual needs, providing a blend of high-quality meats and nutritious fruits and vegetables, all aimed at enhancing their well-being and trying to expand furry companion lifespans.

The meals are described by the Totus Pet Food brand as packed with high-quality, essential proteins such as 100% Certified Angus Beef and organic chicken liver, as well as nutrient-dense foods like pumpkin, carrot, pumpkin seeds, kale, blueberries, and bananas. The food is delivered pre-cooked and ready to serve, with the option to store it for weeks in the fridge or freeze it.

Gray, who recently moved from Manhasset to Florida, said he feels a commitment to offering dogs healthier food options than the standard store-bought food. He said canine health begins with great canine nutrition, and Totus Pet Food’s carefully selected ingredients make it a superior source of canine superfoods.

Gray said customer feedback shows current satisfaction with the subscription and pet food, not to mention that “the food also smells pleasant.”

He added, “Another customer after receiving their first Totus order said their dog loves it. They haven’t seen him eating any food like he eats the Totus food.”

Gray also heard from another customer who said their 13-year-old dog after just three weeks of eating the food, lost the limp he had for six months and lost a bit of weight, too.

Gray and Collorafi spent two years consulting with experts in the field to develop their nutritious and innovative fresh dog food formula. The headquarters of Totus Pet Food is now located in Palm Beach County, Loxahatchee, FL., but they offer delivery services across Long Island.

Customers, including politician Jennifer DeSena, North Hempstead Town Supervisor, longtime Manhasset resident and friend of the Gray family, praised the dog food.

“My Sandy loves all three varieties,” said DeSena, “She stands by her food dish looking for more, something she has never done in the 12 years of eating dry kibble. I feel like I have prepared a home-cooked healthy meal for her because I know you put your heart and soul in everything you do. I can’t wait to get some more.”

For subscription details and pricing, pet parents can go to

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