2 residents oppose catering hall application for Floral Park over parking concerns

2 residents oppose catering hall application for Floral Park over parking concerns
A Floral Park resident opposes the application for a catering hall on Jericho Turnpike over parking concerns. (Photo by Brandon Duffy)

Two residents opposed a potential catering hall on Jericho Turnpike during a public hearing at the Floral Park Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday night, citing concerns over parking. 

An application submitted for a special use permit by Myrtelle Joseph looks to turn what was described by officials as office space into a catering hall. 

Joseph was not present at the meeting, but members of her family and the architect for the application answered questions from the board that revolved mainly around garbage pickup and operations.

Garry Saintus, Joseph’s husband, assured officials that the business would not be a nightclub and would be open to private parties only for events such as  showers, christenings and receptions. Saintus said maximum occupancy can exceed 100, and the catering hall would have approximately 18 parking spaces and would be able to use a valet service. 

The business at 170 Jericho Turnpike would be open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is applying for a liquor license, which would be handled with the in-house staff as opposed to a third-party vendor, Saintus said.

A full kitchen will not be on the premises, but there will be a stove to keep prepared and catered foods warm prior to events, Saintus said.

Joe Celano, who lives near the proposed catering hall, said all nearby parking is taken up.

“Where are these cars going to go once we open up the catering hall?” Celano asked.  “It would be there now if there was anything available.”

The applicant’s daughter told officials that based on the lease agreement the business is granted a certain number of parking spots that will be available to it first.

Another resident, who identified himself as Steve, asked, with all the options available on Jericho already, including eateries, where are an additional 100 people going to go? 

“If they’re going to allow 110 people into their occupancy, what do we do if people show up with 110 cars,” he said. “Once we get this influx, considering what can happen during game night with the Islanders, I don’t want us to in a few weeks or months look around and say ‘whoa, we’re in trouble.’” 

The board reserved its decision on the special permit application. 

The next village Board of Trustees meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb. 15. 

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