Fitness club pushes through Covid-19 in New Hyde Park

Fitness club pushes through Covid-19 in New Hyde Park
Members in action at Push Fitness in New Hyde Park. (Photo by Sarah Ng)

Push Fitness Club in New Hyde Park is returning to normal after making it through COVID-19.

The family-owned business offers classes again (not at full capacity) after the difficulties of the pandemic, which include spin, Zumba, yoga and more.

Along with a hospital-grade air filtration system, manager Antonella Schinina said that during the pandemic the club had to check temperatures, masks at all times and require health screenings with hand sanitizer everywhere possible, which was the protocol for all Push Fitness locations. “We really were on top of it,” she said.

“Who didn’t struggle?” said Schinina, when asked how customers reacted to the club’s requirements for navigating the pandemic. “Did members get upset over the whole mask thing? Yes.” She pointed out that clients who refused to mask up had to leave the club  because other members were not comfortable.

“We lost, but we’re still here,” she said. “We’re catching up.”

Equipment is no longer spaced out, but Push Fitness’ cleaning measures remain in place.

Schinina mentioned how Push Fitness Club advocates for good gym etiquette, with lockers for members and instructing them to wipe down equipment after they are done.

“We strive for cleanliness” she said. “People respect that. That’s why they keep on coming back here because they know what we implement and they enjoy that.”

As stated on their website, the gym locations “offer luxury fitness at a very affordable price.” The New Hyde Park location features a lounge area, massage therapist, steam rooms and saunas.

Charlene M. Hughes has been a member of Push Fitness Club for over five years and said that coming to the gym is “part keeping in shape.  The second thing is its socialization, all different age groups I am friends with here.  The staff is really accommodating—I get more bang for my buck, I really do.”

Schinina added: “We work together with the members—we’re here to work with you.”

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