Garden City Park Civic Association dissolving, joining Lakeville Estates

Garden City Park Civic Association dissolving, joining Lakeville Estates
An area of county land between Denton and Marcus Avenues in Garden City Park. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

The Lakeville Estates Civic Association announced the Garden City Park Civic Association is dissolving and joining them to better conserve resources and other efficiencies. 

As part of the move, Garden City Park’s president, Tony Colon, will sit on the Lakeville Estates board. Garden City Park Water & Fire Commissioner Alan Cooper, former Commissioner Chris Engle and Lakeville Estates member Stephen Cipot will each join Lakeville Estates’ advisory board to facilitate the coordination of activities. 

The two associations are looking at beautifying a piece of county land that forms an isosceles triangle between Denton and Marcus Avenues in Garden City Park, according to a press release submitted by Cipot.

The land sits adjacent to the district and Garden City Park Fire Department.

Cutrone told Blank Slate Media that Lakeville Estates has always advocated on behalf of residents in the 11040 area, but coming together gives their efforts more legitimacy.

“They realized it is difficult to get many people involved and motivated to join your civic association,” Cutrone said. “We felt it was better if we joined together and we hope this spreads our network through the communities.”

Cutrone added that registration for the upcoming year will begin on April 1 but said his most recent numbers were close to 1,200 registered homes in Lakeville Estates.

Lakeville Estates said it is currently working with Nassau County Legislator Rich Nicolello (R-New Hyde Park) to allow community members to create a “pocket park” that could feature a Sept. 11 memorial. This would be facilitated via a hybrid contract with the Nassau County Department of Public Works, which would continue mowing and maintaining the property as it does currently. 

“LECA will be reaching out to town, county and state officials to inquire if funds may be available at the various respective government levels to help create a worthy 9/11 memorial,” the civic association said in a statement. 

Talks are also ongoing to determine how to get a water supply to a potentially new planting area, which Boy Scout Troop 298 in New Hyde Park said they are interested in helping design and develop as part of their Eagle Badge Projects. 

“This is an exciting time for the Garden City Park and New Hyde Park communities. If you would like to participate or contribute, contact [email protected],” the association said in a statement. 

A previous version of this story was published. It has since been updated.

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