New Hyde Park budget proposal exceeds tax cap, includes funds to help replace Marcus Christ Hall

New Hyde Park budget proposal exceeds tax cap, includes funds to help replace Marcus Christ Hall
Preliminary designs for New Hyde Park's new community center. (Photo courtesy of the Village of New Hyde Park)

The Village of New Hyde Park is set to vote on a proposed budget that would exceed the state tax cap due in part to plans to replace Marcus Christ Hall, the community center. 

The tentative spending plan for the 2022-23 fiscal year includes $7,370,510.52 in appropriations, an increase of about $747,433.44. Village taxes in the proposal are set to rise 15.66 percent, far above  the 2 percent state tax cap. 

Homeowners in the village with an assessed valuation of $5,400 can expect to see their tax bill increase by $200.88, with $100 of it dedicated to the construction of a new community center to replace Marcus Christ Hall, officials said in a statement. The new spending plan includes a tax levy of $5,380,271.52, an increase of $720,000 from the current fiscal year. 

Aside from renovations, taxes are set to go toward salary increases, medical expenses and tree maintenance, among other things. 

According to preliminary designs on the village’s website, the new community center next to Village Hall is projected to be 24 feet high. The front side would be built out of glass, and solar panels would be installed on the roof. 

Village officials will vote on the tentative budget on Thursday. 

Mayor Christopher Devane said previously that renovation work was being done at Village Hall. 

Marcus Christ Hall, our community center, is long overdue for a total makeover,” Devane said in a letter to residents last October. “We want to make it a source of pride in the community. It is a total embarrassment and needs to be addressed. If anyone has any questions as to what I am talking about, hold your breath and stop in and see for yourself.”

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