New Hyde Park gas station pumps pennies to local charity

New Hyde Park gas station pumps pennies to local charity
Ravi Purba, co-owner, and employee, David Prasad, with their pump dedicated to the Ronald McDonald house. (Photo by Jessica Parks)

Ravi Purba, co-owner of the BP gas station on Hewlett Road in New Hyde Park, pledged to donate one cent of every gallon sold at pumps three and four to the Ronald McDonald House.

“Every month we will calculate how much gas is sold at those pumps and then write a check,” said Purba. “We are estimating at least $1,000 to $1,500 each month to give back to them.”

Purba was inspired when the president of the Ronald McDonald House, Matthew Campo came in with a flat tire. Purba asked Campo “what the Ronald McDonald House was about” and was invited to come to see for himself.

“They showed us what they do and how they help families, kids get into the hospital and their parents are coming from Brooklyn, Bronx, and further away, and they have the opportunity to stay for free,” said Purba.

Purba was impressed by the “better than five-star” lodging and when he asked where the charity got the funding, he was told it all came from local businesses.

“Nobody wants kids to suffer,” said Purba. “We wanted to do something that is consistent, so we decided to dedicate one pump to them, every gallon we sell, no matter what grade, on either side of the pump we will give a penny to them.”

Campo, in an email, said: “Ravi and his team are great friends to the House.”

The pumps dedicated to the Ronald McDonald House opened for business on Sept. 1.

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