2 Port burglaries take place a mile apart

2 Port burglaries take place a mile apart

Thieves stole jewelry from two Port Washington homes within a mile of each other in a two-week span in January, Port Washington Police Chief James Salerno said.

The first home break-in occurred on Jan. 16 on Annette Drive in the late afternoon to early evening hours, Salerno said.

Salerno said there is no description of the burglar who entered the house by force and stole jewelry.

The second break-in took place on Richards Road on Jan. 27 between the late afternoon to early evening hours, too, just over a mile away from Annette Drive.

The police do not have a description for the second break-in.

Salerno said both homes were dark at the time with no inside or outside light — a sign to burglars that no one was home.

The department added extra patrols to the area, Salerno said, but he also encouraged residents to contact the police if they see anyone they don’t recognize on someone’s property.

“Residents and police are partners in solving crime,” Salerno said. “We welcome the information provided by the communities we serve.”

Salerno issued a news release with tips for Port Washington residents to avoid break-ins, including using an alarm system, keeping shrubbery trimmed so burglars won’t go undetected and securing sliding doors and window.

“Make an itemized list of everything you own,” Salerno said. “Include brand name, model number, serial number, where and when purchased, and the items’ purchase price or estimated value.”

Salerno emphasized having neighbors help when people are on vacation by picking up mail, newspapers and deliveries daily, as well as having a neighbor park in the driveway and bringing in garbage cans after collection, so burglaries don’t know when residents are on vacation.

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