Drinking water report shows no major issues

Drinking water report shows no major issues

The Great Neck North Water Authority released its annual drinking water quality report on Friday, showing no contaminant violations but potential vulnerabilities at some wells.

Samples showed that both organic and inorganic contaminants detected fell well within state limits. But the report also said that four of the area’s 11 wells have a “high to very high susceptibility to industrial solvents and a high susceptibility to nitrates.” Meanwhile, two wells have “medium high susceptibility” to microbial contamination.

“We have learned through our testing that some contaminants have been detected; however, these contaminants were detected below the level allowed by the State Department of Health,” the report said.

Susceptibility to industrial solvents is primarily related to commercial and industrial facilities in the test area, the report says. Un-sewered residential land use and practices contribute to microbial presence.

Great Neck North Water Authority Superintendent Gregory Granziano said the level of contaminants found in the water is relatively normal.

“The IOCS (inorganic compounds) are normally found at certain levels in the water. Those are all naturally occurring,” he said. “They are typical in any water supply.”

The authority usually uses a process called air stripping to remove any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Seven of the eleven wells have already been treated, Granziano added.

“A lot of the times if we have VOCs, we have treatment on it already,” Granziano said.

The report also notes that all water is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria.

The water authority serves 32,400 people in Great Neck, Great Neck Estates, Kensington, Kings Point, Saddle Rock and parts of Great Neck Plaza, Thomaston and unincorporated areas of the Town of North Hempstead.

The full report can be found online here.

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