Alleged SAT cheater brings shame to Great Neck

Alleged SAT cheater brings shame to Great Neck

The Jan. 6 edition of The Great Neck News featured John Santa’s article about the “gonna, gotta” cheat, Sam Eshaghoff.

Was he not ashamed to admit his criminal acts on the “60 Minutes” interview? Is Emory University not ashamed to have a self-proclaimed cheat and liar as a member of their student body?

A renowned academic institute would have expelled him for his criminal behavior.

The once proud America has faded into the dust of history. We are now known universally as the USSA, United Socialist States of America.

Our justice system has failed our society. What has happened to our morality, our ethics, our responsibilities?

To give this cheat community service rather than a prison sentence is a comedy of errors.

In Eshaghoff’s family’s country of origin, the Islamic Republic of Iran, he would probably have been imprisoned or worse.

Shame on Sam Eshagoff for bringing disgrace to our Great Neck community.

Rabbi Esor Ben-Sorek

Great Neck


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