Careless drivers on Broad Street

Careless drivers on Broad Street

The summer is half over and the Williston Park pool is in full swing, particularly the traffic up and down Broad Street, which leads directly into the pool parking lot.

As a resident of Williston Park who lives on Broad Street I’m amazed at the careless driving of the local residents. Broad Street has always been used as an alternative to Willis Avenue by non-residents trying to cut time with the lights on Willis Avenue.

However, my beef is with our own local residents who for whatever reason are in such a hurry to get to the pool that they use the stop signs merely as suggestions instead of as law.

Many of our children, including my own, walk or ride their bikes to the pool and, truthfully, it’s frightening.

Many of the faces speeding by, I recognize, some as residents, neighbors, and even pool lifeguards. I plead to those drivers to remember how easily an accident can happen and to please slow it down and actually stop at the stop signs.

Cara Mangoianu

Williston Park

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