County corrects 60,000 online tax impact notices

County corrects 60,000 online tax impact notices
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran

There are more than 423,000 properties in Nassau County – and of those properties, 60,000 tax-impact notices had to be corrected online.

According to Newsday, Laura Curran’s administration needed to correct 60,000 tax impact notices related to the change in property assessments because the assessor used preliminary values to determine how a homeowner’s property tax bill would change.

The correction followed 20,000 assessment disclosure notices being redone due to the county increasing the assessed values by more than 6 percent, Newsday reported.

“I recognized the error and fixed it,” County Assessor David Moog told Newsday. “It is better taxpayer information to provide a final number, including reductions and settlements for 2017-18.”

A representative for the Department of Assessment could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

The Nassau County Legislature passed legislation earlier this year that requires assessment notices to include the tax impact on individual property owners.

Curran came into office aiming to fix the assessment system and quickly unfroze the assessment roll, before moving to reassess every parcel of land at a 0.10 percent level of assessment. She’s working with the state Legislature to spread out the impact on residential properties over five or more years.

The assessment rolls were frozen in 2011 by the Edward Mangano administration. Thousands of residents, meanwhile, filed grievances on the value of their homes – costing the county millions of dollars and shifting the burden onto others who didn’t challenge their assessments.

Property owners can find the assessed value of their homes online at

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