Cuomo and Mangano should take Pres. Obama’s lead

Cuomo and Mangano should take Pres. Obama’s lead

More needs to be done beyond President Obama’s proposal to freeze federal workers salaries for two years to help reduce the deficit.

Nassau County Executive Mangano, New York City Mayor Bloomberg and Gov.-elect Cuomo should do the same.

However, it should also apply to those who serve in the executive, judiciary and legislative branches of government in Washington, Albany, New York City Hall and Nassau County seat in Mineola.

President Obama and Congress should adopt 2008 spending levels in future budgets over the next two years. Cuomo and the state Legislature, Bloomberg and the New York City Council along with Nassau County Executive Mangano and the County Legislature should do the same.

Uncle Sam, Albany, New York City and Nassau County should suspend billions in future tax refunds to those individuals and businesses who have failed to pay back taxes or student loans.

Everyone needs to do their fair share in bringing budget deficits and long term debt for all levels of government under control.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

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