Deepak Chopra to speak, sign books in Westbury

Deepak Chopra to speak, sign books in Westbury
Courtesy of Dolphin Bookshop

Deepak Chopra, the alternative medicine advocate who has written 22 New York Times bestselling books, will come to Westbury on Thursday to discuss his newest book and his the future of well being.

He will also be signing books provided by Port Washington’s Dolphin Bookshop.

“We’re looking forward to it,” said Barbara LaPetri, a saleswoman at the bookshop. “It’s very exciting.”

The event will be held at 8 p.m. on Nov. 16 at the NYCB Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online through Live Nation.

LaPetri said that Chopra and his staff had reached out to Dolphin Bookshop about getting involved with the event.

“They called Us one day and said they were looking for an independent bookstore to sell his books at the event,” she said. “I think they started leanng more toward the independently-owned bookstores like Dolphin over the larger ones… because I think they like to go for the more community-minded stores for his type of books.”

Chopra released his newest book, “Home: Where Everyone Is Welcome: Poems & Songs Inspired by American Immigrants” in August.

“His new book is a collection of poem and songs,” LaPetri said. “But we will be selling other books of his.”

Home is the second book he has released this year, following You Are the Universe which was released in February and promptly became a New York Times bestseller. Other books of Chopra’s that will be available include “Super Genes” and “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.”

Dolphin Bookshop and Cafe has hosted many events in the Port Washington area, including several at their own building. But LaPetri said that this would be the largest venue for an even in which Dolphin Bookshop has taken part.

“I don’t recall ever being at that large of a venue,” she said of the NYCB Theatre, which has a capacity of 2,870.

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