East Hills thanks police for arrests

East Hills thanks police for arrests

Village of East Hills board members on Tuesday presented Nassau County Police with awards thanking them for their work in arresting two suspects in a driveway robbery and assault on Dec. 12.

Police arrested the suspect “who assaulted one of our residents, who then assaulted him back,” Mayor Michael Koblenz said. “But they did catch him, and my thanks to inspector [John] Berry who is here tonight, and to all of the guys.”

Koblenz, and the board of trustees, presented the officers with a plaque to award and thank their “outstanding service to our community,” he said.

“It’s an honor and privilege tonight for me to introduce the officers and detectives who were instrumental in arresting the subjects who committed the robbery at the East Hills residence last month,” Berry said.

On Dec. 12 an East Hills resident was struck in the face several times and robbed in her own driveway after she was followed home from Wheatley Plaza.

The suspect then grabbed the victim’s purse and fled in a car, police said.

Police arrested two suspects, Robert Gunsberg, 55, and Patricia Bertone, 52. 

Police say Gunsberg attacked the East Hills resident in her driveway on Peacock Drive. He said the police were able to find the suspects because the victim was able to get the Gunsberg’s license plate number.

Gunsberg is due in court on Feb. 4, and Bertone is due in  court on Feb. 10.

In response to the incident and a previous robbery on Dec. 5, East Hills Board of Trustees invited Berry to their Dec. 16 board meeting to speak to residents and attempt to allay the fears of the recent incidents.

The village has since reinstated a Security Commission in efforts to reduce crime.

“Any crime in our community is unacceptable and deplorable,” Koblenz said. “Crime is unfortunate, but you cannot make it go away. Keep in mind, our crime rate is very, very low.”

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