East Williston school district seeking bids for North Side fence project

East Williston school district seeking bids for North Side fence project
The East Williston Union Free School District is accepting bids for the construction of a fence at North Side Elementary School (Photo by Shelby Talcott)

The East Williston school district has sought bids for the construction of a fence around the perimeter of North Side Elementary School.

The school sits on East Williston Avenue, a road that has drawn a number of residential complaints about speeding.

A number of parents in the school district have requested that a fence be erected around the elementary school to deter students from running off school grounds and prevent unauthorized adults from entering the premises.

A 6-foot-tall black estate fence will surround the school and a 3-foot stone retaining wall will adorn the front of the school.

The Village of East Williston had previously raised concerns about the proposed retaining wall blocking access to emergency vehicles.

The county Department of Homeland Security recommended the stone fence in the front of the school as a safety precaution for drivers who may lose control of their vehicles on East Williston Avenue, the school district’s architect, John Grillo, said at a previous board meeting.

Assistant Superintendent of Business Diane Castonguay said that the district is awaiting final bids to determine the total cost of the fencing project, and construction is expected to take place over the summer.

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  1. I wonder what the final cost for this fence was or how many feet they need. Estate fence is between residential and commercial grade. There are only a few aluminum fence brands that make estate fence. The bulk of the cost is going to be from the installers. If the installers bought the fence, they are probably marking up the cost of the fence along with their fee. The school could purchase the fence right from a supplier which should save them money.


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