Family dog kills 70-year-old Albertson woman

Family dog kills 70-year-old Albertson woman
Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder speaking to the media. At her Albertson home on Wednesday afternoon, a 70-year-old woman was killed by a family pit bull. (Screenshot courtesy of News 12)

A family pit bull killed a 70-year-old woman at her Albertson home on Wednesday afternoon.

Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said the “horrific” incident happened around 1 pm at Terrace Ct. in Albertson.

A 66-year-old man was returning from work when he found his wife, Marina Verriest, mutilated and being dragged around their property by the seven-year-old dog.

Ryder said that when the police arrived, the pit bull charged at an officer. The officer shot it and killed it.

Medics declared the woman dead at the scene. Police are unsure why the dog attacked the woman.

The family’s stepson, who originally owned the animal, recently passed away in a motorcycle accident.

This story is still developing. Blank Slate Media will give updates as they emerge.

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