Flower Hill trustees look to add address change fee

Flower Hill trustees look to add address change fee

Flower Hill trustees on Monday introduced a law to establish a $500 fee for residents seeking to change their street address. 

Village Administrator Ronnie Shatzkamer said there was a trend in the village of residents looking to change their home number.

“We wanted to charge a fee because there is work involved on my part,” Shatzkamer said. “When its a subdivision or a number change is forced, the fee would be waived, but if someone wants to change because they don’t like the number there will be a fee.”

Shatzkamer said the process involves gaining permission from Nassau County and the United States Postal Service, along with changing village files.

The trustees also proposed a law to define the demolition of a home in the village code.

“Contractors say they are renovating but are actually demolishing” Shatzkamer said. “We need extra scrutiny because it is not the same as construction.”

She said that neither the village nor the New York State code currently defines a demolition.

Mayor Elaine Phillips said there have been a number of home demolitions and renovations in the village recently and the board is not yet certain on how they want to handle the definition.

“It’s ripe, which is why we’re grasping with it,” Phillips said. “We should look at some other definitions and how other villages do it.”

Trustee Robert McNamara said the village needs to properly define what a demolition is in a clear way.

“We can’t have gray rules,” he said. “They have to be black and white.”

A public hearing was set for Feb. 1 on both proposals.

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