GN Plaza board showing commitment to downtown business

GN Plaza board showing commitment to downtown business

The mayor and the Board of Trustees of the Village of Great Neck Plaza, in proposing amendments to the current zoning laws relative to the Business “B” district in the Village of Great Neck Plaza, are demonstrating a commitment to the vitality and sustainability of our downtown retail and commercial businesses.

The zoning regulations pertaining to the “B” district, which comprises a major portion of the downtown retail/commercial area, have not been addressed by village government in almost 20 years. Not surprisingly, the “B” district has also seen the least change or development over that same time frame.

The amendments being considered focus on permitting mixed-use development and additional building height. Properties in the “B” district are currently commercial, primarily retail, with two- and three-story properties also housing office space and community services.

The limited residential space that exists currently has been either grandfathered or allowed by variance to the current “B” district code. The zoning amendments being considered would permit a property owner to build to three floors – two additional floors if the current building is only one; one additional floor if the current building is already two floors. New construction would be limited to residential space. The amendments would also permit the conversion of current second or third story commercial space to residential.

The new economy is bringing pressures – and opportunities – to both the commercial and residential sectors here in Great Neck as well as villages and cities across our nation.

Great Neck Plaza, with its central shopping and dining district, the LIRR station, and many of the region’s finest medical/health care professionals, all within walking distance, provides the conveniences of an upscale urban community while offering the amenities and benefits of a suburban lifestyle, including great parks, library system and great schools.

Offering property owners the option of building/converting current “B” district space to mixed-use offers additional revenue streams as well as making available the type of transitional residential rental space – small studio and one-bedroom apartments that attract young singles and just-married couples – that are not readily available in our village today. Attracting this demographic to our downtown will also have the ripple effect of being beneficial to our stores, which, as in any village downtown, depend primarily on the patronage of local residents for survival.

The Board of Directors of the Great Neck Plaza Business Improvement District support the proposed amendments to the Business “B” district zoning codes. We believe this can help promote innovative, sustainable development, help our local retailers and will not overburden the village or our school district.

Board of Directors,

Great Neck Plaza Business Improvement District

Great Neck

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