Great Neck Plaza board signs onto road and alleyway fixing contracts

Great Neck Plaza board signs onto road and alleyway fixing contracts
Great Neck Plaza will be repaving some of its roads this summer and into the fall. Those areas are highlighted in red. (Photo from Google Maps, edits by Janelle Clausen)

Great Neck Plaza’s Board of Trustees approved bids to repave some of the village’s roads and improve a local alleyway on Tuesday.

The $234,640 contract with American Paving and Masonry would go towards repaving some or all of seven streets and fixing sidewalks. The company worked on previous projects in the village, officials said, and was the lowest out of multiple bidders.

Great Neck Plaza Mayor Jean Celender said that the village’s consultant, LKB, analyzed the bid prices for reasonableness and looked into the company’s efforts with other municipalities.

Ultimately, she said, LKB found no concerns about American Paving and Masonry and their ability to complete the fixes according to village plans.

Trustees described the move as the first part of a multi-year project to bring all of Great Neck Plaza’s streets into a “state of good repair,” rather than settle for simple patchwork. Some adjacent sidewalks may also be repaired.

The seven roadways being repaved are Overlook Avenue, Clent Road, North Station Plaza, Bond Street, Barstow Road, Welwyn Road and its extension.

Bond Street’s renovations will be between North Station and Grace Avenue, while Barstow Road’s paving will take place between Grace Avenue and Stoner Avenue. Welwyn Road’s repairs go from Gilchrest Road to Garden Street.

“I felt it was more important that we focus on doing these roads well,” Celender said.

Celender said she hopes the repaving will be done around October or November.

The village also approved a $29,997 offer from Castle Industries in Garden City Park to begin work on the Alleyway Project, which aims to beautify an alleyway at 44 Middle Neck Road.

Celender said that it has been over a decade since work was done in the alleyway. She noted some of the concrete blocks have begun separating and the area has aged, so “it’s time” for repairs.

Castle Industries will responsible for widening the alleyway, redoing the brickwork and making it a more “exciting walkway,” Celender said.

The village additionally signed onto an agreement with the Business Improvement District, which will contribute $16,000 towards the project and creation of a sign to welcome people into Great Neck Plaza.

“We look forward to moving on with that,” Celender said.

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