Here’s your Herricks ‘Idol’ contestants

Here’s your Herricks ‘Idol’ contestants

There was no Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler or Ryan Seacrest, but that did little to reduce the excitement of the nearly 500 people who came to cheer the 12 contestants who showed off their singing talents at the 8th annual Herricks Idol last Friday.

The singing contest, based on the enormously popular “American Idol” show, drew an capacity crowd to the Herricks High School auditorium that overflowed into the hallway.

Each contestant sang an excerpt from a song of their choosing and a four-judge panel decided which four contestants would move on to the next round.

After advancing to the next round, the four remaining contestants sang their song in its entirety and audience members were given paper ballots

The event, which has a $5 admission fee, was sponsored by the Herricks High School Tri-M Music Society with proceeds going towards the VH1 Save The Music charity, which helps purchase instruments for students.

Freshman students Andrew Grieche and Rachel Kim took first place.

Grieche sang “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban, which he performed with ease, sounding more like a professional singer rather than a high school student.

“I am really psyched right now,” Grieche said after winning. “The contest really wasn’t about winning though, it was about raising money for charity.”

Contest judge Sajeeb Saha said Grieche’s performance was amazing.

“I hate to sound cheesy, but if I closed my eyes, I couldn’t tell if that was you singing or Josh Groban,” Saha said.

Grieche, will be performing in “Fiddler on the roof” as Motel at the Herricks High School later in the spring, thanked his friends and family after winning first place. He said he loved to sing and would love to pursue a career in singing.

Kim sang “Turning Tables” by Adele as she played the piano.

Kim won the crowd over with the deep emotion and power that came through her singing and piano playing.

“I’m just so happy right now,” Kim said. “I am grateful for all my friends and family who encourage me to do this. I really love to sing but never took it seriously. It wasn’t until I took a senior class that involved music that got me involved.”

Contest judge and Herricks High School physics teacher Karim Gangji said he would love to have Kim in her class.

“I want you to come to my class and sing,” Gangji said. You would so get an A+.”

The event was completely student run by Herricks High Tri-M Music Honor Society said society advisor Anissa Arnold.

“It makes it more special when they can create it for themselves,” Arnold said. “It really is such a loving group of kids and its all about the experience. The kids are so supportive of each other and it isn’t necessarily about winning.”

Admission to the event was $5 and all proceeds go to the VH1 Save The Music grant, Arnold said.

The event was hosted by two juniors Meera Desai and Sameer Khan, who kept the audience entertained between each contestants song and show performance.

While votes were being tallied, performances were put on by the Herricks’ men and women choir as well as last year’s Idol runners up and winners.

After the winners were announced all the performers came together to sing a final group song, “Good Life” by the Republic.

Samer Kahn said the event’s organizers only had one month to plan the event.

“We had a late start but it we planned every day and got it done,” said Khan. “This is one of our groups biggest events in school and it gives kids who aren’t exposed to music a chance to enjoy it.”

Herricks High School Assistant Principal and contestant judge Andrew Frisone said he loved the event.

“There is nothing better then coming to an event like this,” Frisone said. “You see these kids everyday working hard, and when you get to see them come out and show their talents its a great feeling. Events like these are great because it shows off our great music program, and it shows how much the community is involved with the school.”


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