Herricks club enjoys summer hiatus

Herricks club enjoys summer hiatus

“Stormy Weather – it’s rainin’ all the time” and “We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave” –  borrowing these classic lyrics, the members of the Herricks Leisure Club offer observations of the volatile summer of 2012 as we while away our Club’s seasonal recess.

Of course, we also managed to savor glimpses of the baby blue heavens, fields of verdant wild flowers and ecru shores visited by the encroaching tide.

At an informative meeting on May 31, we learned of plans for the upcoming Herricks Carnival from recording secretary Bud Taverna and parking issues concerning this event were discussed by membership chairlady Jeanette Kovalsky. Legislative chairlady Tess Fiorentino thanked our group for its participation in the inspiring Memorial Day services at the VFW and our support of the poppy and grave blanket fundraisers. Dorothy Daly expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the 59 members who attended the Senior Recognition Day at which she was honored.

At our June 7 assembly, director Frances Kivatisky announced with great joy the birth of her two new great-grandchildren.   

Adding to the festive mood was our dual celebration of birthdays and anniversaries for the months of June and July conducted by our president, John Escobar. Eighteen June birthdays including the 90th of Gilda Arnott were honored as well as the exemplary 66th anniversary of Michael and Marie Rallo and the 61st of Charles and Joan Bunnell. 

The jubilee continued as we remembered 21 birthdays in July, especially the ninetieth of Richard Cosgrave, and four impressive anniversaries: the 45th of the Ruffinos, the 57th of the Wallaces, 58th of the Randalls and the 64th of the Cosgraves. What a tribute to the longevity of true married love.

The next Wednesday found us motoring to the Poconos for an exciting trip to Mt. Airy Casino where we played to win. Our June 14 convening featured a pizza party to commemorate Father’s Day.

The highlight of the month occurred on June 28 when we gathered at the elegant Swan Club for our annual spring luncheon. We dined on filet mignon, danced to the music of DJ Joe Ratto and delighted in the companionship of our fellow members as we bid farewell to season’s end and looked forward to the summer recess.

Those ensuing languid days were punctuated with visits to Funday Mondays and the Yonkers Empire Casino.

And now we look ahead as we greet another Club year on Thursday September 6 with much anticipation. We invite senior residents of the Herricks School District to join us in our further endeavors.

Indeed, the Herricks Leisure Club offers friendship and shared activities that help us cope with the “storms” of our golden years.

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