Herricks teachers union snub

Herricks teachers union snub

At the conclusion of the last Herricks School Board meeting, I turned approached the newly elected president of the Herricks Teachers Association so I could wish him Happy New Year and to see if he in any way would re-consider helping out our community in these extremely difficult times.

His rude and insulting response came as he grabbed his paraphernalia and quickly exited the Herricks Community Center Meeting Room.

Is this what we have come to? What kind of union leader and, more importantly, Herricks employee would act like this in public and treat a resident of this community like that? Do we need to fear being able to attend public school board meetings and professing our opinions for everyone to hear! Isn’t communication the key to solving issues? We don’t hide behind a secret veil; we publicly profess our views without personal insult to any individual member of the Herricks Teachers Association. Then to be publicly humiliated in front of other residents who witnessed the display of rude behavior, that is where the line of personal attack and insults were crossed.

Have we now begun the process of intimidation on the part of the HTA towards the community? As parents and residents must we fear speaking to a Herrick’s teacher who may have the fate of a child’s grade in their hand because a parent chose to speak out in disagreement with them. Must we fear publicly professing our views on issues while the HTA comes in mass to the two or three school board as a method of intimidation?

These are our public forums and the public has the right to come and not have a sinking feeling that some sort of retribution will take place against them or their families. Adults can differ in opinion and still find respect for each other in a polite fashion.

The Herricks School district belongs to the tax paying residents, it’ our school district. We allow all the employees the honor and dignity that goes along with the phrase, “I work for the Herricks School district.”

We let you work here and we are done allowing this sort of behavior to continue. We provide everything financially and physically possible for you to work in a great environment with the best kids from the best families. If it’s not what you want then by all means go find the “greener’ pastures you may think are out there.

In the mean time – let’s show a little common respect for each other, it’s not too much to ask for, that is the only way rational adults should behave privately and publicly!

Jim Gounaris

Manhasset Hills


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