Job argument unsound in GN library debate

Job argument unsound in GN library debate

Just to set the record straight, I have no personal interest in the Great Neck Library bond issue. However statements that are really urban legends, get my goat.

The editorial made the usual claim by proponents of a project: ” . . . it is money that will be poured back into the community creating construction jobs and other work.”

Let’s see about that. Is the architect a Great Neck firm? Are the engineers domiciled in Great Neck? Of course we all know of construction workers, painters, sheet-rock installers, etc. who live in Great Neck (one of the highest cost-of-living areas on Long Island).

How many steel mills and lumber mills are in Great Neck? I could go on and on ad nauseam.

“Creating other work” – absolutely. The fellow who runs the coffee/sandwich truck usually found at construction sites might live in Great Neck. Certainly the take-out places will see a temporary increase in business.

Aside from platitudes, can any body accurately claim that money flows back to the community that is paying the bill?

Alan Reff

East Williston


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