Klein, Giordano win water commish seats

Klein, Giordano win water commish seats
Sanford Klein. He was re-elected to another term as a Roslyn Water District commissioner. (Photo courtesy of the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association)

Sanford Klein and Janell Giordano won their commissioner races for the Roslyn and Albertson Water Districts on Tuesday. Both ran unopposed.

The districts have a three-member board of commissioners, each of whom serves a three-year term. Their terms are staggered so that a seat becomes available for election each year.

Klein has served as a Roslyn commissioner since 2011, after spending over 40 years as a dentist. He said his work involves setting policy, monitoring operations, reviewing budgets and making sure the district complies with regulations.

“I’m running to continue the vital work of overseeing the operation of the water district,” he told the Roslyn Times in November. “I’ve lived in this community for many years and love it.”

Among the listed improvements sought by the district is a new well to meet increased demand, the purchase of land and construction of facilities for the new well and the reconstruction of existing wells.

Giordano is new to the position and she will replace Kenneth Vey. She works as a real estate salesperson for Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

The Albertson Water District serves a diverse community and provides water to both residential and commercial sites, with a daily capacity of 7.7 million gallons. About 4.5% of their 4,069 connections are commercial in nature.

Both winners will serve their three-year term beginning on Jan. 1, 2023.


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