Leiberman will do more with less

Leiberman will do more with less

I write this letter in support of Neil Leiberman’s candidacy for the office of commissioner of the Great Neck Park District.

I have known Neil for approximately 15 years. Many of the times when I have seen Neil over these years have been at Great Neck Park District events. Other times have been occasions when by chance, I simply met Neil in one of our parks.

I know that Neil and his family have made, and continue to make, extensive use of the beautiful park resources and facilities of our park district. I know that Neil is someone who cares deeply about our parks and has done so for many years. Over the years, Neil has been present at a number of the park district meetings which I attended. Neil and I have had many discussions over these years concerning park district facilities and resources and issues of importance to the park district. He has been actively involved in park district issues and concerns over this period of time.

I know that if elected, Neil will work tirelessly to protect and maintain our park facilities, resources and programs and that he will strive to do so without imposing undue, additional tax burdens on our homeowners. I know that as a commissioner, Neil will be open and accessible to all. I know that as a commissioner, Neil will listen to both sides of an issue and then utilize his intelligence, good judgment and common sense in making his decision.

For these reasons, I will be voting for Neil for park district commissioner and I urge you to do so as well.

Ted M. Rosen

Great Neck

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