Leiberman’s right balance

Leiberman’s right balance

On Dec. 13, Neil Leiberman should be elected to be a member of the Great Neck Parks District Board of Commissioners. He has all the right attributes for this position. As a teacher and guidance counselor for 38 years and more recently a real estate agent, Neil has exhibited traits of being a hands-on people person with the ability to multi-task while being conservative with spending money.

With this in mind, he will attempt to keep taxes down while maintaining our beautiful parks. One way he will do this is by collecting new advertising money to take care of some of the future needs of the park district. One of his plans is to create advertising by local and non-local businesses on the boards of Parkwood Rink as well as advertising in all park district program publications throughout the year. This financial approach will create additional revenue for the park district. This extra non-tax money can be used to help maintain or fix some needed maintenance to keep our parks functioning at the current high level.

Also, this idea can blossom to a level that will even reduce taxes for the park district in the future years, while still maintaining our beautiful parks.

Another reason to elect Neil Leiberman to the Great Neck Park District Board of Commissioners is that he is a hands-on people person who can multi-task. This will help him and the park district board to work with the diverse population of Great Neck and their needs as it relates to the use of the park district.

I have been a resident of Great Neck for over 45 years and have enjoyed our beautiful parks and what they have to offer. If you elect Neil Leiberman to be a member of the Great Neck Parks District Board of Commissioners on Dec. 13, these parks will continue to be maintained at the current level which will enhance their luster and appeal.

Harvey Rilander

Saddle Rock Estates


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