Markson has walked walk

Markson has walked walk

With so many good candidates, how/why did I choose Marty Markson?

Easy! He’s already proven himself by virtue of his five plus years as chairman of the park district’s open spaces committee.

He’s a quiet, laid-back kinda guy who is a great listener and proven worker. Talk to him – as I did – and you’ll find that he totally understands the need for fiscal restraint, and his business/engineering background has provided the training for budgets, projects, personnel issues, new technology, and an awareness of the go-green movement.

Five years on open space is a tribute to just that. I love the parks, my children and grandchildren have played in them; rode the slide-upons, climbed in and out of the play houses, and pranced under the sprinklers.

Our parks don’t need radical change, they need Marty to preserve what we have while gently moving us forward. His desire to attract more people to our parks is a most welcoming attribute. And finally, he’s just a real nice guy! Please join me on election day to move Marty into the vacant slot.

Michael Flamhaft

Great Neck


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