Mistake leads to election do-over for Williston Park trustee

Mistake leads to election do-over for Williston Park trustee
Williston Park Trustee Billy Carr. (Photo from Billy Carr)

Billy Carr is going for two in a row.

An administrative mistake in last year’s village election meant the Williston Park trustee technically lost his position after 30 days, forcing him to run a second time to finish his second four-year term.

The source of the trouble was a piece of paperwork that Carr was required to sign under state election law certifying him as the unopposed winner of last year’s village election alongside Trustee Michael Uttaro.

“If I had known this would have happened I would have made sure to sign the book,” Carr said.

Carr is now the sole candidate on the ballot for the March 21 village election. He was the only one to file a petition declaring his candidacy by Tuesday’s deadline.

Carr signed the right documents when he was first elected in 2012, but something slipped through the cracks last year, he said.

Mayor Paul Ehrbar appointed him last spring so he could stay in his seat and run again to complete his term, Carr said.

Carr, an electrician, has lived in Williston Park with his wife and four children since 2001.

He is currently the Board of Trustees liaison to the Williston Park Library, the village auxiliary police and the village court.

Carr touted the village’s signing of a 25-year water-service agreement with the Village of East Williston last July.

In last year’s election, Carr and Uttaro both touted progress toward the deal, the source of a five-year dispute between the neighboring villages.

“That was huge on our plate,” Carr said.

Carr said he was also proud of the recent renovations to Kelleher Field, including the extension of the basketball courts.

Voters won’t have to worry about any election paperwork issues in the future, Carr said.

“It’s a baffling law, but it’s still a law and we got to abide by it and you learn something from it,” he said. “Trust me, it’ll never happen again.”

Williston Park residents can cast ballots on Tuesday, March 21, from noon to 9 p.m. at Village Hall, located at 494 Willis Ave.

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