Munsey Park to fix Park Avenue flooding

Munsey Park to fix Park Avenue flooding
The Munsey Park Board of Trustees, which said a company will be fixing a drain pipe on Park Avenue to prevent flooding. (Photo by Maylan L. Studart)

By Maylan L. Studart

The persistent flooding problem on the north side of Park Avenue directly in front of Waldmann Park is being resolved, Munsey Park village board members said Wednesday.

A sewer repair company is expected to “jet” the drainpipe, a highly effective drain-cleaning process with extremely high water pressure, which also helps remove minerals and roots from pipes.

After clearing obstructions, the drainpipe will be inspected for damage with a camera. Once the results of that examination are in, the board said it would re-evaluate the situation, then decide on a course of action, making repairs, if necessary.

The board approved village election inspectors, also known as polling clerks, at its Wednesday meeting for the upcoming elections on March 19. Candidates for open elections have not yet been announced.

The village is considering an ice skating event on Copley Pond this winter, however, no action was taken. The issue was postponed for discussion as the board awaits examination of village insurance policy to protect the village from any liability in the event it officially participates.

Currently, anyone that ice skates at Copley Pond does so at his or her own risk.

The board is still contemplating amending some of the parking rules to alleviate a problem with non-resident commuters parking in the village. It’s likely the board will revisit the amendment discussion at the next meeting, a board member said.

It is also in the process of developing a new law that would prohibit recreational marijuana dispensaries in Munsey Park if the state legalized the controlled schedule I substance. A member of the board said if the draft is suitable, it might be on next month’s agenda, but that it’s not certain. There have been no changes on the issue.

The board did not discuss cell node installations because no formal application has yet been received from ExteNet, a board member said.

In November, ExteNet Systems Inc. asked to place a cell antenna node in Munsey Park to roll out 5G connection, according to the village. ExteNet sued Munsey Park after the village did not address an application submitted in January 2018 but dropped the suit in late August.

The village and company are now working cooperatively to install a node on village property, Trustee Anthony Sabino said at the village’s December meeting.

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