New clothing line for designer dogs

New clothing line for designer dogs

As the proud owner of a Boston Terrier, Heather Lehrman said she cannot count how many times she has been stopped and asked about her dog.

“On a walk, at the dog park, at the vet, everywhere I went with my dog Herbie, people wanted to know what kind of breed he is,” said Lehrman, a former Roslyn Chamber of Commerce member.

“After speaking with many owners of smaller breeds, I realized I wasn’t alone,” she said. “Everybody is constantly being asked the same question.”

Lehrman said she came up with the idea of a clothing line for smaller designer dog breeds, which often struggle with cold temperatures and have a hard time properly regulating body temperature.

“Now, my dog Herbie proudly wears his ‘I am a Boston Terrier’ hoodie when we’re out and about,” he said. “People can’t help but want to know more about the breed.”

Her new pet clothing and accessory line, launched as the Deziner Dogs apparel line, features tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, and leashes that read “I am a…” with over 20 designer dog breeds, also known as “smooch faced breeds.” The line of accessories even comes in blue or pink colors.

Lehrman is also the owner of the North Shore In Home Pet Services franchise since 2011. Her service provides dog-walking and pet-sitting, a “pet taxi” to groomers and veterinarians, and even trips to the dog park. 

In 2014 she published her own book, “Bullied at the Dog Park,” featuring her Boston Terrier Herbie. 

Her North Shore franchise was just awarded by the Bethpage Best of Long Island program for 2015.

She said he wanted to expand her business in the pet industry with a new line of products to that would benefit dogs, and their owners.

“The tank tops and hoodies not only look great, they keep our best friends warm in the cooler months,” Lehrman said. “But the most unique aspect of our ‘I am a…’ line is how they spur conversations and connections between people, you won’t find a better conversation starter anywhere.”

The product line launched at the Port Washington-based Pet Boutique and Spa, Unleashed, as well as on Lehrman’s website,

“I’ve trusted Heather to walk my dogs for the last three years,” Unleashed owner Laura Palettela said. “So I was happy to help her launch her line of designer dog accessories at Unleashed.” 

Lehrman said her she is ready to launch additional products, including sweaters and tank tops for special mixed breeds, and even raincoats for larger dogs that don’t always like wearing sweaters.

“With so many people rescuing dogs from the North Shore Animal League, the dogs are usually mixed breeds, so I think that’ll be great for a lot of people on Long Island,” she said.

Deziner Dogs isn’t only aimed at keeping dogs warm, but will also donate 5 percent of all proceeds to the Short Noses Only Rescue Team, or SNORT, based out of New Jersey. SNORT is a non-profit, all volunteer rescue program that aims to help short nosed, or smoosh faced, dog breeds in need.

“What do dogs lovers like more than their dogs,” Lehrman said, “talking about their dogs.”

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