New Hyde Park-based artist gives career talk at Huntington gallery

New Hyde Park-based artist gives career talk at Huntington gallery
Katherine Criss, a New Hyde Park-based artist, will give a talk at the b.j. spoke gallery on Sunday. (Photo courtesy of Katherine Criss)

Every artist has an opinion on what to do with completed work, said Katherine Criss, a New Hyde Park resident with more than 60 years of experience in professional art.

Criss chooses to share hers with the world.

“You can be in your own little ivory tower creating and letting your emotions in your art,” Criss said. “But once you have gotten it out on a piece of canvas or a finished piece is it really finished? I feel that the final step in finishing a piece is showing it to the world.”

That’s why Criss said she began exhibiting her work.

But for an artist, especially those just starting out, it can be difficult to navigate the exhibition scene, Criss said.

In a two-hour talk on Sunday, held at b. j. spoke gallery in Huntington, Criss will address questions about exhibiting work, including marketing tips and a portfolio review.

Criss said the talk touches on issues such as whether to create a portfolio website and which types of galleries to exhibit in.

“I designed this course to cover all the topics and let artists share their experiences,” Criss said.

The course is created for both seasoned professionals and what Criss calls emerging artists, she said.

Emerging artists are those who may have dabbled in art in the past, but due to life obligations pushed aside their passion, Criss said.

“At some point the kids are off to college or married … and they have some extra time,” Criss said. “And it starts to nag them because creativity is always there.”

Criss added that she believes everyone is creative in some way.

As an artist, Criss has spanned various mediums.

She has more than 60 years of professional experience in photography and painting.

Another aspect Criss said is important for an artist, whether professional or just starting out, is to create a portfolio.

A portfolio not only shows potential clients the artists’ skills, but also helps an artist see how far he or she has come, Criss said.

Sunday’s course will also include a portfolio review.

This is the second time Criss has given the talk, which she will offer monthly.

Participants must register in advance by emailing Criss at [email protected].

There is a suggested $20 donation at the door for admission.

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