A new sign for Port dentist

A new sign for Port dentist
The old and new signs in front of the office, (Photos courtesy of M.A. Santo)

For 35 years the sign stood in front of the two-story house on South Bayles Avenue, passed by thousands of commuters making their way to the Port Washington train station. It announced the location of the offices for Port Washington Dental, which had been founded 35 years ago.

Last week, the sign was replaced— with a new sign and a new design

“It was very old and worn down, so we started working on a design to replace it,” said Antoinette Santodonato, who works as a dental hygienist at the office.

The original sign was first installed by Dr. Robert Epstein and Dr. Paul Eisen. Epstein retired in 1990 and Dr. Sultan S. Salem joined the office in 2012. Salem and Eisen decided to replace the old sign.

Santodonato said residents have already noticed the change.

Oh yes, people have noticed,” she said. “We get a lot of traffic from commuters, we have people coming in the early morning and late in the day, and everyone has mentioned the sign.”

She said that replacing the old sign, which had grown worn over its 35 years, was a priority for the practice.

“It really is an important thing for us,” she said. “We feel we’re a tradition here in Port Washington and we wanted to really honor that.”

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