North Hills passes $2.69M budget

North Hills passes $2.69M budget
Deputy Mayor Dennis Sgambati, third from left, and Mayor Marvin Natiss and Trustee Gail Cohen immediately to his right are running for re-election this month. (Photo by Teri West)

The Village of North Hills Board of Trustees unanimously passed its 2019-20 budget last Wednesday and once again has the lowest property tax among all villages in Nassau County, said Mayor Marvin Natiss.

The tax levy is $74,338, which is $3,125 higher than last year’s. Overall, the budget is $2.69 million, a 10.65 percent increase from the current budget.

“We’re right on budget,” the mayor said. “Our budget runs about the same every year.”

The village is putting $401,611 of surplus from the current fiscal year into a capital improvement fund, said village Clerk Marianne Lobaccaro. Those funds will contribute to projects including Village Hall renovations, park renovations, equipment purchases and an ongoing records digitization project, she said.

Records such as building files are being scanned to increase ease of access.

“It will be much more user-friendly and will create efficiencies for the residents,” Lobaccaro said.

The village keeps taxes low by finding revenue from other sources, she said, particularly various user fees.

The village slotted $450,000 separately for building permits and fines and penalties. It plans to make $660,000 in property rentals.

Elected village officials, who are paid, have not received a raise in 16 years, Natiss said. The mayor earns $48,000 annually, the deputy mayor earns $11,000 and each trustee earns $9,000. Natiss said he is proud that elected officials are again not receiving raises and that it is one way the village keeps costs down.

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