Plakstis focuses on $$$

Plakstis focuses on $$$

All the candidates for park commissioner have indicated they want to do the best for our parks, but only one has clearly based his campaign on fiscal responsibility, Ray Plakstis Jr.

His intention, if elected commissioner, is to work to keep the costs of administering our parks at levels sustainable in the present economy.

Ray strongly feels that increasing spending without first reviewing current costs is not economically sound. He has called for an asset inventory, just as an audit by New York State did. The park district spent $308,000 one year and $362,980 the next year for “tools, parts and supplies.” An inventory and a study of past expenditures is essential to evaluating projected needs.

Ray points out there are advisory committees about trees and tennis but no standing watchdog committee on the annual budget.

Ray is a “hands-on” person and likes nothing better than taking on difficult projects. Those of us who have dealt with him through the years will attest to his responsive attitude when faced with problems. As a volunteer in the Alert Fire Department for 27 years, he has alleviated problems for people when they were going through the worst times in their lives. As chief for the second time, he will oversee the processing of a budget of several million dollars.

We, the people of Great Neck, need Ray working for us, keeping our parks as fine as they are while locating and eliminating administrative waste and extravagance.

Ray knows Great Neck. His lifelong experience in our community makes him the man who will do the best for us.

I will be voting for Ray Plaksis Jr. on December 13, and urge you to do the same.

Stephen Goodman

Great Neck

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