Plandome exceeds budget revenue

Plandome exceeds budget revenue

Village of Plandome Treasurer Elizabeth Kaye said Tuesday that the village has exceeded revenues in the current budget by $16,000 mainly due mainly to taxes, interest in penalties and leftover available FEMA money.

Kaye said with three months left in the fiscal year, the village’s expenditures were also $66,000 lower than last year.

Trustee Judy Bode said in her utilities report that the board had received a reply from the Manhasset-Lakeville Water District on March 11 to the lawsuit the board filed Oct. 19, 2012 calling for the water district to recalculate the village’s wholesale water rate

Brode said the board did not have sufficient time to review the reply prior to the meeting.

Mayor M. Lloyd Williams said in his public safety report that there were four auto accidents in the village last month, as well as four calls to the fire department, an ambulance call on Feb. 14 and a false carbon monoxide report Feb. 18. He also said the county was working to extradite the suspects from a recent burglary that took place on South Drive from Queens court.  

During new business, Kaye said the board received approval for a $45,000 grant to improve street lighting in the form of a reimbursement bond, as well as a $1,000 check from the state Department of Conservation.

The board also received notification by the Town of North Hempstead of a grant that offers a rebate on energy-efficient appliances. 

Kaye said the board was approved for the rebate on the cost of a new copy machine, and that the grant would cover 75 percent of the $1,300 cost. The board approved the purchase of the new copy machine upon receiving the grant, which Kaye said would be sent in the next four to six weeks.

Williams said the board will present its tentative budget for 2013-14 at its April 9 meeting.

The board denied all complaints on tentative tax assessments until they could be reviewed by the entire board. Trustees Andrew Bartels and Ray Herbert were not in attendance. 

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