Plandome Manor mulls creating renter registry

Plandome Manor mulls creating renter registry
Plandome Manor's Board of Trustees. (Photo by Teri West)

The Village of Plandome Manor is considering creating a registry of renters after the village clerk advised that Plandome Manor does not have a system for keeping track of such residents.

“We don’t require permits for renting so we don’t always know when someone is renting their house,” village Clerk Randi Malman said at Tuesday evening’s village board meeting.

A rental registration would include names and contact information so that if necessary the village would be able to reach out to residents who are renting. Creating one would involve an amendment to the village code in which property owners would file for a permit indicating that they planned to rent out their home, said village Counsel John Farrell.

The village code bans boardinghouses, which Farrell said could be interpreted as renting out individual rooms.

Some homes, however, are entirely rented out, including at least one on a property that has two homes, board members said.

“We had people call and complain one time that ‘there’s someone using the pool in my neighbor’s house but the house is vacant,’ and we went over and it was actually people who were renting the house but I didn’t have any contact information,” Malman said. “We didn’t even know that anybody was renting the house.”

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