Re-elect Augie Carnevale

Re-elect Augie Carnevale

This letter is in support of Commissioner Augie Carnevale’s re-election on Dec. 13.

First I would like to say, and I’m sure this is also on behalf of the residents of the GCP Water District, thank to you to Augie for his constant attention in making sure the water of the Garden City Park Water district is always tested and contaminant free.

As you all remember our district was not affected by the E. coli contamination this past July, a contamination that affected over 28,000 homes. Not us. According to the CDC, Garden City Park Water District’s water was contaminated for years, decades, that all changed when Augie took over and changed the wells.

This information is open to the public and reported in 2003, Augie was cited in this report.

Since then The Garden City Park Water District has repeatedly won best water in New York year after year. Our taxes have remained unchanged and the upkeep of our hydrants are the lowest in Nassau County.

There have been many that have approached Augie about how he manages to maintain such low taxes and there are many that would, in layman’s terms, love to have their hands on our water district.

Augie has not only ensured the safety of our water, but without hesitation has joined me in many battles. He was a fixture in stopping Accessory apartments. He has stood before the Town of North Hempstead repeatedly to fight for the community when our safety or the integrity of our community was at stake.

He stood up and stopped the board in their tracks about Spring Rock, He can pop out any contaminant in the ground, or need fit, which quite entertains me, just throw their symbols when needed.

Augie has answered many calls about stores that were a fire hazard to the public. And had no problem making sure fire marshals were on hand to make certain these premises were not allowed to reopen until they were safe.

Augie has always been there for our community and I can’t personally thank him enough for answering all the calls I have made to him telling him , and most without warning, “let’s go”.

Now I ask you to take your time and look into the backgrounds of our candidates, please sit down at your computers and Google them, Google Commissioner Augie Carnevale and please Google his opponent Attorney Jerome J. Galluscio. See for yourself whose experience and background is best suited for our community. See who you want in charge of your tax money?

Technology has made it so easy to make sure our candidates are who they say they are. Check their work experience, make a phone call, check that they are up to date. Sometimes it only takes these little steps to see the big picture. You will then know that Augie Carnivale is the best and only choice again for this community.

Please keep our water district and our community as is and vote for Augie Carnevale this Dec. 13.

Michele Chambers

New Hyde Park


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