Red Mango opens in Lake Success mall

Red Mango opens in Lake Success mall

In only five years Red Mango has gone from a single store in Los Angeles to more than 150 stores nationwide, and shows no sign of slowing down.

The newest store opened last month in the Lake Success shopping center in New Hyde Park.

For general manager/district manager Peter Castriota, this is the third Red Mango he manages along with a store in Manhasset and Regal Park.

“Its a fun job for me, and I’ve always been into customer service,” Castriota said. “This is a place where we serve that real yogurt taste, and not something artificial. It’s all natural with a tart and tangy flavor that people love.”

That real yogurt taste is what helped bring in more than 800 customers on their grand opening last month, with 200 lucky customers receiving a free T-shirt.

Castriota began at Red Mango two years ago when his friend suggested he apply.

After two years he went from working the counter to becoming the general manager for three different Red Mango locations.

The Lake Success shopping center was the perfect location for a new Red Mango Castriota said.

“We are right in the heart of the business center here and we are looking to really get involved in the community,” Castriota said.

Customers will find 14 kinds of frozen yogurt on tap at Red Mango. Always available flavors include standard favorites like chocolate and vanilla, with popular toppings such as Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch. Each flavor is probiotic, kosher and contains little or zero fat, Castriota said.

The frozen yogurt is available for purchase at 49 cents an ounce and Castriota said the average customer pays $3 to $8.

Besides the popular cereal toppings, Red Mango offers more than 30 different toppings.

“It appeals to all types of customers from school children to adults,” Castriota said. “People incorporate Red Mango into their diet, and they like having a nice alternative. We’ve been doing this for years and its why we’ve already become a household name.”

To garner an even greater appeal, Castriota said Red Mango has been working to modify some of their original flavors to be a little less tart and more creamy.

“You have those families where a son or daughter might like the tangy flavor, but a parent does not,” Castriota said. “With helping to make the flavors a little less tart, we hope that it will appeal to the entire family.”

Another project Red Mango has rolled out this year is “all natural” hot chocolate that customers can order at the register.

Red Mango’s dedication to quality and customer service have not gone unnoticed over the years. In 2011 they were awarded the No. 1 Smoothie And Frozen Yogurt and Top Healthy Options Within the Quick Refreshments Chains in Zagat’s 2011 national chains survey.

Red Mango is also the first frozen yogurt retailer to earn the National Yogurt Association’s Live and Active Cultures seal for meeting the required criteria for healthy frozen yogurt.

Red Mango recently expanded its menu to include all-natural made-to-order fruit and yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit smoothies and all-natural probiotic iced teas that are hand-shaken to order.

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