Roslyn Harbor trustees discuss new laws for tree removal, sidewalks

Roslyn Harbor trustees discuss new laws for tree removal, sidewalks
The Roslyn Harbor Board of Trustees passed a law requiring arborists and tree removal companies to be licensed with the village. (Photo by Rebecca Melnitsky)

By Rebecca Melnitsky

Tree removal companies and arborists working in the Village of Roslyn Harbor must now have a license to work in the village, according to a new law. Previously, the law only required gardeners and landscapers to be registered with the village.

“Since you’re cutting down trees, we don’t want people who aren’t licensed taking down large, dangerous wooden structures in our village,” said Mayor Louis Badolato.

Local tree experts seeking a license must prove that they have insurance to protect the residents of the village, said village Attorney Peter MacKinnon.

The Roslyn Harbor Board of Trustees approved the change to the village code at its meeting on Tuesday night. No one spoke at the short public hearing beforehand.

Trustees also discussed a potential law requiring homeowners to clear debris, including leaves and branches, from all sidewalks abutting their property. A public hearing on the proposal will be held at the next village meeting on Feb. 13.

“The way the code is written currently is that a homeowner is responsible for the sidewalk and for the area from the sidewalk on the pavement,” said MacKinnon. “But from the property line to the sidewalk there was no requirement, unless there was no sidewalk.” Under the proposed law, homeowners would be obligated to take care of the shoulder of the road from the property line to the pavement.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, it was announced that Michael Lee is resigning from the Planning Board. Andrea Tsoukalas was appointed to serve out the remainder of his term.

In addition, Trustees Sandy Quentzel and James Friscia will be running for re-election in March, while Associate Justice Timothy O’Rourke will run for village justice. The current village justice, Charles Parisi, will be stepping down.

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