Sands Point simplifies site plan review process

Sands Point simplifies site plan review process
The Sands Point Board of Trustees during Tuesday's meeting (Photo by Luke Torrance).

Building a subdivision in Sands Point became a simpler process, as the village’s Board of Trustees voted Tuesday to only require the approval of the Planning Board for such structures.

Previously, those looking to create or purchase a subdivision had to get approval from both the Planning Board and zoning board. Now the zoning board will only have to get involved if there is a building variance.

With that change, the board also had to update another area of the village code. The filling, excavating or grading of land had traditionally been the domain of the zoning board in Sands Point, but the code was changed to allow the Planning Board to oversee this part of the construction process for properties — like subdivisions — the board has approval over.

In addition to changing those two sections of the code, the trustees also bumped up the penalties for violations. Fines for a first violation can now go up to $3,000 instead of $350, while fines for a second offense can go up to $5,000 instead of $700. A third offense within a period of five years can now draw a fine of up to $7,000, far more than the old fine of up to $1,000.

The board also approved the purchase of an additional license plate reader, following the installation of three of them last December. The reader will be installed at the intersection of Astor Lane and Middle Neck Road.

“It was deemed that this was the most appropriate way to monitor the access to the  Harbor Acres, its residents and the participants at the Village Club,” said Deputy Mayor Marc Silbert. “I would move this as a prudent and logical extension of the network that we have right now.”

The reader costs $17,669, which will include maintenance.

The trustees considered several upgrades to the Village Club of Sands Point and approved the restoration of the marble floor of the club’s mansion.

Trustee Peter Forman was appointed as telecom coordinator for the village.

“I’m in favor of it,” Forman said.

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