Strauss seeks help in catching graffiti spree perpetrators

Strauss seeks help in catching graffiti spree perpetrators

Mineola Mayor Scott Strauss announced Wednesday night that the village was offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for a graffiti spree last Friday and Saturday in which swastikas and other offensive symbols were spray painted on walls and vehicles throughout Mineola.

“We want them,” Strauss said at a village board meeting. “It is disgusting and revolting to see this type of behavior in this day and age. The village, Chaminade High School, and the police department have come together to help find who did this. We are also offering a reward for their arrest. One way or another the perpetrators will pay and we will work to get them prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Strauss said the village has been in constant contact with the hate-crime division of the police department since the spree.

“If you hear anything or know anything that can help in this case, please come forward,” Strauss said. “If you do have any information please can call 1-800-244-TIPS.”

Swastikas, the number 666 – interpreted as a sign of the anti-Christ among Christians – and a racist term were spray painted in red on the walls of Chaminade High School at 340 Jackson Avenue. A bus owned by the school was also defaced. The date 03/09/88-05/02/11 and swastikas were found at 155 Washington Avenue, police said.

An orange swastika was spray painted on a sign at the northeast corner of Roslyn Road and Old Country Road and the door of an apartment building at 135 Third Ave. was spray-painted with an orange and red swastika.

Orange and red swastikas were also spray painted on the walls of Yamaha/Suzuki of Mineola at 336-344 West Jericho Turnpike, on a 1999 Dodge van on Albertson Place and a 2009 BMW on Third Street.

A phallic symbol and a symbol resembling a pentagram were found spray painted in orange and red on a 2000 Chevrolet on Marcellus Road,

Swastikas and the word “Outlaw” were spray painted on a trailer generator at 60 Main St. The word “Outlaws” was also found spray painted on the wall of 250 Harrison Ave. and Tilden Brakes at 61 Willis Avenue.

Mineola resident Dennis Miller said he was lucky that his vehicle was not vandalized since he lives only five houses down from a van that was spray painted.

“I have seven lights attached to motion sensors on my house, so I think that may have been a deterrent,” Walsh said. “Perhaps that could be something residents could look into to help protect their property.”

In other developments Gary Tuthill was appointed supervisor to the Mineola Water Department.

“He has a lot of skills that I am looking for,” Mineola Superintendent of Public Works Thomas Rini said. “He used to own his own business, he works for the water department and I think he’ll do a great job.”

Trustee Lawrence Werther echoed Rini’s comments.

“With his new position, it’s a wonderful opportunity for him to prove himself,” Wether said. “I am sure he is up to the task.”

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