Teams ready for synchro skating season

Teams ready for synchro skating season

The Great Neck Park District’s Synchronized Skating teams are back and bigger than ever. 

Over the past five years, the Skate School has effectively expanded the Synchronized Skating team from one to a multi-team program. Currently there is a total of 48 participants enrolled, which is a first and brings the program up to four United States Figure Skating (USFS) teams, three of which are travel teams. 

The skaters range in age from 5 to 13. Although Great Neck is at somewhat of a disadvantage due to the rink being closed for the summer, it does not hold the skaters back. 

The first USFS competition, taking place the first weekend in December, has the skaters working hard to prepare. And the coaches have spent their summer meeting and planning for the upcoming events, designing costumes, picking out musical selections, creatively choreographing their programs and organizing competitions. 

The Synchro Team manager, Carole Liotti, is impressed with how much can be accomplished in such a limited time period. She believes that the teams’ success is a combination of the skaters, coaches and parents dedication to the program.

Coaches Audra Smith, Carole Liotti and Erica Beggs watch the skaters abilities grow in a sport they love and are devoted to their teams. They are appreciative of the support from the Great Neck Park District Skate School, Superintendent Peter M. Renick, Deputy Superintendent Lisa Goldberg and the Park District Commissioners Robert A. Lincoln, Jr., Daniel M. Nachmanoff and Frank S. Cilluffo.

Synchronized Skating is not only taking off here at the Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink; it is one of the fastest growing discipline sports in the U.S. involving eight to 16 skaters while performing to music. There are many benefits the skaters reap from being a part of a program like this. First, and foremost, learning to be a part of team is invaluable as it teaches to accept both successes and failures, offers goal setting, time management, discipline, sportsmanship, hard work, friendships and possible future scholarships. 

Interested in being a spectator? The three travel teams will be competing at Terry Conners in Stamford, Connecticut on December 5 and 6. If you prefer to stay local to see the skaters in action, come down to the Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink on Saturday, Dec. 12 at 5:45 p.m., when all teams will be performing at the Great Neck Figure Skating Club Holiday Show.

For further information call the Skate School office at 516-487-2975, ext. 114 or email Carole Liotti at [email protected]

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