Town approves $37K contract for dog park design and construction

Town approves $37K contract for dog park design and construction
North Hempstead Town Board voted to approve a $37K contract to build a dog park where dogs like this one, standing outside Steppingstone Park, can play off their leashes. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

The North Hempstead Town Board approved a $37,560 contract with Nelson and Pope Engineers for the town’s first dog park, which will be located at Michael J. Tully Park in New Hyde Park, during last Tuesday’s board meeting.

The board unanimously voted in favor of the resolution.

The board previously put aside $250,000 for the project as part of its 2018 capital plan.

Dogs are already allowed in Michael J. Tully Park, but this park would differ because dogs will be allowed off their leashes, Parks Commissioner Jill Weber previously told Blank Slate Media.

Weber said the park could also serve as a place for owners to meet one another.

“Dog parks are also a very good place for humans to recreate and get to know each other,” Weber said.

The park builds on Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth’s efforts to make the town more appealing for four-legged residents and their owners, Carole Trottere, a spokeswoman for the Town of North Hempstead previously told Blank Slate Media.

“She wants to make things more dog-friendly,” Trottere said.

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