Village candidates win uncontested races in Roslyn

Village candidates win uncontested races in Roslyn
Village of East Hills Mayor Michael Koblenz was re-elected Tuesday. His village had 393 voters despite all races being uncontested. (Photo courtesy of the Village of East Hills)

Roslyn villages had a calm election day Tuesday, with all candidates winning their uncontested races.

East Hills had the highest voter turnout – at 393 – while Roslyn Estates polls drew fewer than 10 voters.

Mayor John Durkin and Trustees Marta Genovese and Sarah Oral were re-elected in the Village of Roslyn, where there were 47 voters.

Roslyn Estates voters re-elected Mayor Paul Leone Peters, and re-elected Trustee Brett Auerbach and elected Trustee Georgeann Polatov.

Polatov joined the board in January, filling a seat vacated in July when Allan Mendels stepped down due to a move. She will serve a two-year term.

Peters has been a mayor since 2017 and previously served as a trustee beginning in 2013. Auerbach has been a trustee since 2017.

In Flower Hill, Deputy Mayor Brian Herrington, Trustee Jay Beber and Trustee Frank Genese each received 50 votes.

Village Justice Dennis Reisman was re-elected with 49 votes.

In past interviews, all three trustees said they enjoy serving on the Flower Hill village board because their village is a great place to live and they hope to preserve that.

Beber, who will now serve in his second full term, said he is honored to be re-elected and pleased to continue working hand in hand with his fellow trustees.

“It is the residents that make Flower Hill a wonderful place to live and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve,” he said.

Herrington was re-elected for his third full term and Genese will now serve in his second full term.

In East Hills, Mayor Michael Koblenz, Trustees Brian Meyerson and Stacey Seigel and Village Justice Mitchell Studley were all re-elected. Their terms are four years.

Koblenz has been the mayor for 25 years.

The village had high voter turnout relative to other area villages. Most peak at around 100 voters.

The turnout was also nearly a record for the village itself, said village Attorney William Burton. The highest turnout the village ever had for an uncontested election was 448, he said.

People in East Hills like to vote to show appreciation to the members of the Board of Trustees, said resident Howard Kroplick.

“It’s a civic duty, I think, to vote in elections, and also I think the mayor and trustees and judge who are up for election are doing a good job,” said Kroplick, who is the Town of North Hempstead historian and the president of the Roslyn Landmark Society. “I just wanted to give a thumbs up.”

He said he votes in the village election every year.

“[The candidates] feel deeply heartened and encouraged by the strong overwhelming vote yesterday,” said Burton, who was the chairman of the Unity Party for which all the candidates ran. “They feel that they are now going to continue with the same programs and try to keep taxes low and continue the fine services in East Hills.”

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